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Thegamingindustryhas given the world many great and remarkable characters that have become real idols, inspiring people to look and act like them. Heroes of videogames are very different: some are simple, some are full of pathos and joy, and others are grumpy and severe people having many brutal events behind them. Butthe common features of all charismatic protagonists are their will and spiritual power that help them overcome difficulties and reach goals in their stories.

Although I’m a blogger, that is a person who writes an essay after an essay online, I am a passionate gamer at the same time. I’m going to share my top 10 video game characters, my favorites, from all times, genres and platforms.

10. Marcus Fenix (Gears of War Game Series)


Marcus Fenix is the main hero of the Gears of War series (a former Xbox exclusive bunch of games now available on PC). Fenix is a warrior and a former prisoner, who is rough and severe from the outside. But actually, he is a very vulnerable and empathizing man, who worries about his teammates. This character has really iron will and impressive appearance. He is an experienced soldier and fighter, who survived trials John Rambo couldn’t even imagine.

9. Commander Shepard (Mass Effect Franchise)


MassEffectisnotjustanAction-RPG, it is a real space opera with a deeply developed setting and a serious dramatic story. Thestrongsettingneeds a strong character: brave, willing, and desicive commander Shepard is the right fit for this game. Commander is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of the higher goal.

It is worth noting that players turn Shepard into a hero themselves by making serious decisions during the game. Players create the commander they want to see. They can even choose if their hero is a man or a woman at the very beginning of the story, and to choose his or her biographical background too. It is not necessary to choose charisma for this character. It is already programmed. And it’s great!

8. Adam Jensen (Deus Ex)


The huge cyberpunk world of Deus Ex has many remarkable protagonists at its disposal, and Adam Jensen is not an exception.

Jensen looks like a usual hero having a typical fate of a character belonging to the brutal cyberpunk world. The former Special Forces soldier and experienced warrior, he works for the big corporation that parasites on human miseries. Adam’s fate is tough: he hates cyber implants with all his heart, but due to a personal catastrophe he can’t live without robotic augmentations. This is his private drama.

The story of this hero begins that way. It seems to be simple, but Jensen has some mystery and attractiveness in himself, making us understand his deeds and motives.

7. MasterChief (Halo)


Thegamingspaceopera Halo is not just a series of high-quality games. It is a huge media franchise having milliards of dollars invested into it. Throughout years of its existence the world of Halo has had books, comics, TV series, anime, and other products made for it. This franchise is adored all around the world, and it totally deserves the respect of its fans.

The whole epic world of Halo is so great thanks to a single hero: Master Chief. His leadership qualities, humanism, and bravery make him one of the most remarkable and charismatic characters of the whole industry. The interesting fact: despite his charisma, this cult hero never takes off his helmet. No gamer could ever see his face.

Master Chief is always shown in his armor suit. It seems that he never takes it off too. Nevertheless, he is one of the best heroes who stay in hearts of gamers forever.

6. Nathan Drake (Uncharted)


Drake is a very sarcastic hero, who has a good sense of humor and is always ready for adventures. Usually, people who pass through trials like Nathan’s are not that positive and bright: his mother committed a suicide, and his father sent him to an orphanage. Heneverhadaneasychildhood.

And this is what gamers love in Nathan: his iron positivity in situations that seem to be hopeless. Many people who are angry about their life should take some lessons from this Sony character.

5.  Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)


Lara Croft is a sex-symbol of the whole videogame industry. Sheiscalled“IndianaJonesin the skirt”, but I’d argue thatshe is a totally different character. The only thing Lara has in common with the hero of Harrison Ford is her passion to look for rare mystic items.

Lara is a master of everything: she can climb rocks, shoot with a bow or any firearm, and she is very clever. She has a strong character, just like all women-heroes should have.

The Tomb Raider game seriespassed through quite many turns. This adventure franchise has been restarted recently, but Lady Croft remains as contrast as she used to be: the endlessly cute woman with impressive stamina.

4. Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid)


The Metal Gear Solid series has a wonderful drama story with multiple plot twists and branches. Big Boss aka Naked Snake (his real name is Jack) is probably the most charismatic hero of this franchise.

Big Boss is the main antagonist of the first Metal Gear parts but serves as a protagonist in the prequel series. In any case, he is a great warrior and very charismatic hero,rightfully considered the greatest soldier of the 20th century.

3. Dante (Devil May Cry)


Dante is one of the most outstanding and specific videogame heroes. Danteisademonhunter. Heisaveryarrogant, brave,andcourageoushero. Plus, he rarely is really serious. Dante becomes serious only in situations that require him to be one.

Dante is a top-class acrobat and big expert of firearms. And his skill of sword fighting is something every gamer should check personally.

If Lara Croft is a woman sex-symbol of videogames, then Dante has the same title on the men’s part.

2. Max Payne (Max Payne)


Policeman Max Payne is the protagonist of a rough and cruel story which has three parts already. And every part of this series is good in its own way. After losing his family due to a murder, Max goes in for revenge, and this road is not easy. Painisthemaincompanionofthehero’slife. Hislastnamelooksironichere.

Despite his loss of family and faith in people, Max makes players empathize with him. Heattractsgamerswithhis… trustworthiness. Seriously, who can meet Dante in real life? AndapersonlikeMaxPaynecanactuallyexist.

I’d recommend Max Payne series to all admirers of atmospheric action games. Ithasaveryinvolvinggameplay.

 1. Leon Scott Kennedy (Resident Evil)


In fact, the horror-universe of Resident Evil has many charismatic heroes: Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker… This list can be continued for long. Many people can disagree with me, but I think that the most outstanding of them is Leon Scott Kennedy, the former Raccoon City Police Department officer and the US government agent currently.

This man had a tough fate too. He lost close people and friends, just like Max Payne. But differently from Max, Kennedy does not go in for self-blaming and always acts in a concentrated and rapid manner.

All in all, Leon Kennedy is a real example of a modern hero who has dignity and honor. In addition to the second part of the Resident Evil game series, gamers can see Leon in the revolutionary Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 6. As the episode character, Leon appears in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Except for games, Leon is present in two CG-animation movies filmed by Capcom. They are “Resident Evil: Degeneration” and “Resident Evil: Damnation.”

Yes, videogames are full of cool heroes, and I’d like to mention guys like Agent 47 or Prince of Persia, tons of great JRPG and classic platform heroes. But here I want to show you the bonus character, the one I can’t help mentioning here.

Bonus: GeraltofRivia (The Witcher)


GeraltofRivia, who kills monsters for gold, is one of the last living witchers who survived heavy mutations. However, they turned him into a supernatural killing machine. To start feeling this hero and to understand him, everyone needs some time. At first he seems to be rude and unemotional. But later we see that this hero can be kind to monsters that don’t bring death and devastation and can hate humans who want to get power and wealth for others’ miseries.

Although many of his decisions are made by players, Geralt’s personality is authentic no matter what playstyle they choose. He cares about his friendsand quite clearly despises cruelty and selfishness. And under the steel of his armor and sarcasm there is a very kind heart.


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