Sons Of The Forest: Release Date, Plot, Gameplay, and Other Details


When Endnight Games announced a sequel to the blockbuster survival video game The Forest, the gamer community was overjoyed. The game which released in 2018 was a huge commercial success and set new standards for plot-driven open world video games. The sequel which has been titled Sons Of The Forest, just released a gripping 1:38 minute trailer a few weeks back which has the entire fandom talking.

Though the official date for the premiere has not been confirmed yet, the game will come out this year, possibly in the next couple of months.

The Plot


The Forest was a horror survival game which was incredibly well-paced; it followed the main player Eric who survives a plane crash and has to sustain himself in a forested peninsula as he searches for his lost son Timmy. Players were very impressed with how the key player character was equipped with interesting survival tools to help him in his quest.

Players can help Eric by forming a make-shift shelter, and by scrounging other helpful manual tools. Along with dangerous animals, the forest also has a scary tribe of cannibal demons who are quite unpredictable in their behaviour. They are not always in attack mode, but usually at night-time they turn on the players. 

To keep things interesting, the developers didn’t make the cannibal tribe outright hostile to the key player, they are not always looking to feast upon human flesh. At times they will hesitate to attack the human and will observe him, maybe even try to communicate with the player, which makes the gameplay very nuanced as it keeps the players guessing.

After the trailer to the sequel came out, fans unanimously theorised that in the second instalment, Timmy must be the main player character in the trailer we see an air-borne young man who has ‘Fight Demons’ scrawled across his wrist. The first instalment of the game had very interesting religious elements, and there are chances that the sequel will take a deeper dive into it. 

This theory makes a lot of sense because at the end of the first game Timmy is in his apartment and his body starts experiencing some ghastly side effects, and it’s only natural that Timmy will go looking for answers. There’s also a map in his apartment which is a lot bigger than the area of the peninsula of The Forest. The trailer also shows a bloodied cannibal being thrown off at the helicopter, which almost knocks the aircraft out of balance and it obviously crashes into a forest full of mutant, possibly cannibalistic monsters.

The gameplay

sons of the forest (2)

The gameplay for Sons Of The Forest looks a lot more mature than the first game, especially in terms of visuals; it’s taut, it’s seasoned, the developers are clearly clued in to what the gamers want. The monster that’s encountered right after the crash, for instance – we only vaguely see a hand, but it’s a gigantic mutant palm, which would mean the creature that’s it attached to must be several feet long, and it’s very distinctly fathomable. Another instance of a magnificent gameplay is the way they have drawn up Virginia in the sequel; it’s clearly a more artistic visual draft of the first monster. The six-limbed, pale-skinned monster re-appears in the trailer and this time it has a feminine form which makes it a lot more intimidating; the way she moves, climbs a tree and stretches is proof that Endnight has really aced the detailing on the monster. 

Fans have also noticed a shotgun in that very sequence, which means that the sequel could be a shooter, although not many players want an unlimited ammunition situation, since resource gathering is such a crucial plot point for the narrative and actually makes the gameplay more effective. 

Sons of the Forest will be available to play on PC via Steam.

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