Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics: Similar Games like Final Fantasy Tactics

One of the best RPG (Role Playing Game) based element is Final Fantasy Tactics which is quite an addictive gameplay with the combination of some best themes and unique system of combat. The complete game revolves around a fantasy kingdom known as “Ivalice” in which there is a cadet known as Ramaza Beoulve who fight in the conflict named as The Lion War and gets trapped after his trap the war gets more brutal for the throne and a protagonist comes up with an intention of finding the cause of war and then later in the prospect of finding his aim he himself becomes the part of that war. This game is full of adventures, great layout, and concept which is liked by the players a lot. The Final fantasy tactics is a game based on Medieval Era and take completely in a different fantasy world. In the online game market there are lots of games like Final Fantasy tactics and if you are also looking for the same then you are at right place.

Similar Games like Final Fantasy Tactics

1. Fire Emblem: Awakening

The first game like Final Fantasy tactics in this list is Fire Emblem: Awakening which is an RPG Multiplayer or single player video game. This game is comprised of a set of Archanea which is a continent. It is a 13 installment series of Fire Emblem which is having a similar game like Final Fantasy Tactics. In this game, you will become the soldier of Kingdom and has to focus on the tactical combats.

2. Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

The next game like Final Fantasy tactics is here which is published by the Nippon Ichi Software which is a marvelous and most popular action and strategy based video game oriented by RPG. The character of 4th inclusion in this game series is featured as Valvatorez, a vampire who sucks blood at once around 400 years ago and then suddenly changes occur.

3. Valkyria Chronicles

In this series of a game like Final Fantasy Tactics, we are here going to introduce Valkyria Chronicles which is a unique, fantasy and strategy based gameplay from Tactical-RPG. In this game you will play in the time of World War 2, Europe in which the most tactical and powerful two factions will be over controlled. It is one of the good game series in this line.

4. Jeanne d’Arc

Jeanne d’Arc also known as the Joan of Arc is another game like Final Fantasy tactics on this list which is an action and adventure based video game. Jeanne d’Arc was published by the Sony Computer Entertainment. In the gameplay, you will see the character of a legend known as Jeanne d’Arc or Joan of Arc and have authority to control the same and her party of warriors and gladiators.

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5. Record of Agarest War 2

One of the wonderful Tactical RPG based video game like Final Fantasy tactics is Record of Agarest War 2 which was developed by the Ideal Factory and published by Red Entertainment. In this game you will get the role of Protagonist Weiss who gets wake up one morning and lost all his memory of past and then visits a woman who is known as Eva, she is the agent of Divine now onwards the game will begin with a most interesting timeline and gameplay.

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6. Bravely Default

This game like Final Fantasy tactics by Nintendo 3DS is Bravely defaulting which is one of the marvelous and specific video game from tactical RPG. This game was created by Silicone studios and published by Square Enix, the main focus of game timeline is based on the combats with basic four characters or heroes of Luxendarc which are mainly in this gameplay. The wind vestal is the one which will allow these heroes to explore by fighting enemies and playing quests.

7. Final Fantasy VII

The list of games like Final Fantasy tactics is very big similarly another one we are going to introduce here is Final Fantasy VII with a role-playing, video game based on the era 1997. This game was created by the Square and published by the Sony Computer Entertainment. This game supports only single mode for players with a virtual fantasy world of the game. In the complete series of Final Fantasy, it is the 7th entry with a wonderful record.

8. Tales of Symphonia

It is one of the action based role-playing video game in this series of games like Final Fantasy tactics which is available in both single-player and multiplayer mode. The Tales of Symphonia was created and published by the Namco Tales Studio and everything took place in a fictitious world which is known as Sylvarant. This whole game will go around a protagonist who is named as the Lloyd Irving.

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