20 Online Jobs for Teenagers That Pay in 2020

Are you a teen and searching for online jobs for teenagers that pay?

If you answer is yes, then you are at right place. Gone are days when teens used to go school without money. Now everyone in the school spends money and eats something from the canteen.

It’s is not only about the school, even if you go out, you need money. You can’t ask every time for money, so you need to find out the solution…

Online Jobs for Teenagers That Pay

Online world offers teen online jobs. There are many freelancing jobs for teenagers available online. You need to acquire the suitable skills to work online, then you can earn as a teen.

People are afraid of online scams. They should be, but not all are same. There are some legit online jobs for teens that pay.

We will get to know about those jobs for teenage students. So without doing further ado…let’s get started….

15 Best Online Jobs for Teens

I’m sharing 15 best work from home jobs for teens. I hope you would love them.

1. Freelance Writing:


This is most common online jobs which gives bread n butter to a majority of people. The client usually demands for English content. If you have good command in English, you can make good money.

Moreover, if you know some other foreign languages like French, Chinese then you can also make good amount from them too. Some clients also need freelance translators who know some native languages. So your knowledge of native language can help you winning projects.

2. Blogging:

I’m a full time blogger. Blogging gives you power to share your knowledge with the world. Through blogging, you can help people. You can sort out their problems. I’m making good amount out of blogging. I use affiliate marketing and Adsense to monetize my blogs.

However, it isn’t easy to get paid via blogging. You have to keep patience and wait until you get some skills like seo, content, etc. You can also sell ad space, backlinks, etc from your blogs.

  1. To create a blog, first buy domain, hosting and a good wordpress theme.
  2. Write some quality posts on it. (1000+ words)
  3. Do on page and off page seo
  4. Drive traffic via social media and ranking keywords.
  5. Monetize it with Adsense or Affiliate Programs. (These are two popular methods to make money via a blog).

Blogging makes me $700 to $1000 per month. It is just my blog earning.  Now these days blogging is one of best jobs for teens online.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is another great opportunity to make money online. I love Affiliate Marketing very much.

Affiliate marketing is basically a contract between seller and promoter in which promoter sells the products by driving traffic via paid or organic means.

You will get paid the commission whenever someone buys from your link.

Almost every product (physical/digital) owner run affiliate program to increase the sales. They have to pay commission to affiliate marketers against each sale they made.

You can join different affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliate Program. Moreover, there are many affiliate networks present online to join like Shareasale, Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc.

4. Youtubing:


Youtubing is most trending online way to make money. Every day uncountable videos are uploaded to Youtube. People are making hug money out of it. The best thing about Youtube is that you can show your talent to the world without spending a penny. Just

  1. Create a Youtube channel
  2. Start Uploading Videos
  3. And Monetize when you qualify for it as per the Youtube’s policies.

Let me get you more motivation. Check out this channel. The boy in this channel is making around 11m a year by reviewing toys.  There are many other youtubers as well who make millions just by uploading videos. You will find here each sort of videos. So record a video and upload to youtube. Don’t wait. To watch Youtube vidoes offline on your pc, you can download them. There is a working tool for it. Access the link below:

–> smallseotools.com/youtube-video-downloader/

5. Virtual Assistant:

There is huge need of skilled Virtual Assistants because people don’t have time to complete their online tasks. So they hire people small tasks can be shared with. That work includes answering email, outreach for link building, spreadsheet work, answering calls, etc.

You can find the virtual assistant job at Fiverr. Being a begineer, you can start finding jobs related to your skill set. Here you can also make good money.

There are many Facebook groups where you can submit your skill set and get work quickly. However, you need to be careful there in choosing employer.

6. Online Translation Job:

If you know more than one language then it’s an advantage for you. You can make money with your knowledge of different languages.

People are in the search for professional translator who can translate their Generals,  Books, Assignments, etc.

I do hindi to English translation at Rs 4/word. You can charge high as per the project.

To find the translation jobs, visit Upwork.com, freelancer.com, Fiverr.com….

7. Domaining


It’s a new trend in the online market. People love to buy brandable/ seo beneficial domains.

You can book such those and start selling them to potential buyers. Many FB groups are actively trading into the domains.

You can also create your own domain portfolio and sell domains on your own prices.

8. Website Flipping:

website flipping

Back in December 2017, the Luqman Khan sold out his website 10beasts in $550k. It’s more than half a million and such a huge amount.

This website flipping business is very big. You can build profitable sites and can sell them on huge profit.

9. Social Media Jobs

Social Media Jobs

Social media jobs are also easy freelancing jobs for teenagers. You can make money by managing social media profiles of a company/individual.

Moreover, if you have huge social following, then you can promote affiliate products.

There are many websites like Famebit which offer money against promotion on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Such sites give you some offers link to put on your social media profile, and pay at the completion.

To be a social media influencer, you need to improve your social following. The more social followers on your profiles would be, the much you can make money.

10. Logo/Infographic Design

There is huge demand of quality Logo and infographic designers these days. I have seen that many teenagers creating awesome logos and infographics.

If you love playing with colors and want to showcase your creativity in the online world. These are two best things that you can create for people.

Fiverr is the best place to get work for logo/infographic design.

Final Words

There are engless jobs available in the online world. I won’t suggest you for ad clicking jobs, data entry job, Stock & Forex Trading, Survey Jobs. In the circle, no one is doing such jobs because there is no guarantee of payment. If you join any of these programs, do it on your own risk.

I have compiled list of legit online freelancing jobs for teenagers at home. I made money from some of them. Rest will also make you money if you have the required skill-set.

If you want more details about this post, write me in the comment section. I will surely reply you.

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