How to Make a Retro Gaming System Using Raspberry Pi

How to Make a Retro Gaming System Using Raspberry Pi
How to Make a Retro Gaming System Using Raspberry Pi

Thanks to Raspberry Pi you are able to play any retro game literally anywhere and within seconds. It is also the simplest method out there and the most appealing. The reason for that is the authentic Arcade experience that can be yours for under $50. Below, we will explain what you actually need and how to set all up. It is relatively simple and it doesn’t involve programming, codding or anything similar.

Things you will need

You are probably familiar with the sites such as Gamulator that offers all emulators you can use and also the matching ROM files. Raspberry Pi is a similar method that works well with all ROMs. Anyway, before you start make sure to have all the items collected and ready for installation. You will need:

  • Raspberry Pi (obviously)
  • Micro USB power supply
  • Micro SD card (8GB or more)
  • USB controllers (there are a lot of possible options out there)
  • Keyboard (USB of course)
  • TV monitor
  • A computer

Guide for creating the arcade

Now you have to follow a few steps. Don’t worry, they are not too complicated and they can be completed within minutes.

1. Download RetroPie

The first thing you will have to do is to download RetroPie. This is a set of emulators all in one place. Make sure to take your time because downloading can be slow due to server occupation. 

2. Extract the image and transfer the files to SD card

Now you can use Win32DiskImager for all Windows users or RPI-SD card builder if you have Mac. Simply extract the image file and transfer the files to the SD card. The process is extremely simple and can be completed within seconds. 

3. Insert the SD card to the Raspberry Pi

Should we even explain the step? Just pull out the SD card and insert it into the Raspberry Pi slot. You are done and you can continue with the next step.

4. Boot the system

Plug the keyboard, controller and turn on the Raspberry Pi. You will be presented with the welcome screen and here you have to configure your controller. Follow the on-screen directions and you will get it done within seconds. 

If you use a Bluetooth controller, use a cable to complete this step. You are able to add the Bluetooth afterward which makes the controller usable. 

5. Connect to the Wi-Fi network

Now you will have a system that is ready to tackle all sorts of games. But, you still need Wi-Fi. To set it up, go to the main menu and in the end, you will see the WiFi option. Click on it and enter the name and password. Connect and you are done with the step. 

6. Copy the ROMs to the Raspberry Pi folder

This is a slightly more complicated step. Keep in mind that it will only work if you have connected to the Wi-Fi and the router. For windows, users navigate the Windows explorer to the \\retropie. This should be done while the Raspberry Pi is turned on and activated. If you have Mac, click Go and then connect to the server. Type smb://retropie and you will see the folder. Copy and paste the ROMs and you are ready to play.


Raspberry Pi finally allowed us to play any game you like within seconds and it makes the overall gaming so much better. There is full support for all retro consoles and there are no issues with the platform. In addition, it is the simplest and the most affordable method that can help you start the retro gaming. 

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