Best Games like EVE Online to Play Free in 2020

STAR WARS Empire At Wars

The trend of online gaming is on its peak, in the same line EVE Online: Apocrypha is one of the best massively playing a multiplayer and role-playing game created and published by the CCP games.

In the series of most liked game EVE online this one is its 11th expansion with lots of new features and modifications like different modes of gameplay, upgrades, completely changed game world etc.

The whole game circulates in between milky way galaxy with a beautiful thought in which it creates humanity among the new cluster of Eden star. The main work of player is to build up an empire within the universe with help of available resources.

This series of EVE Online: Apocrypha is composed various latest features like new modes, ship customization system, multiple environments for exploring the game, different new technologies with a brilliant gameplay, continuously changing background music and a wonderful graphics. There are various games like EVE online: Apocrypha about which we are going to explain you which can be played either online or by downloading and purchase. You can go through any of them which is more reliable for you.

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Games Like EVE Online: Apocrypha

1. Galaxy on fire 2

Galaxy on fire 2

In this list of Games like EVE Online: Apocrypha the first one is Galaxy on Fire 2 which is an action and adventure game based on the role-playing, strategies, science, fiction space, open world etc, this game is available in one mode which is single player. This game is a type of shooter game and was created by the Fishlabs entertainment GmbH and was published by the bitComposer Games. Within the gameplay, you are having a chance of assuming yourself as an adventurer who is a protagonist in this game and a Warrior known as Keith T. In this game you are the one who is going to save the galaxy from evil aliens, pirates of space and crazy madmen who are very powerful.

2. OGame

It is one of the addictive, strategic, real-time, space war, online multiplayer and a money management game which is based on the online web browser. OGame is its own kind of game like EVE Online: Apocrypha, this amazing video game was developed by the Gameforge AG. The whole game exists in an open environment of the universe in which the player can immerse himself to enjoy the RTS experience. This virtual game world present in space is composed of three elements known as galaxies, systems, and planet slots. To start the game you can coordinate any one planet in slots 4,6,8,10 within the system.

3. Star Trek Online

Another game like EVE Online: Apocrypha in this list is star trek online which is a free MMORPG video game which is played inside the world of star trek. The main work of user in this game is to capture the universe and provide a good quantity of content in the context of giving a perfect adventure in this world of Star Trek.

4. Star Conflict

It is another kind of MMO experience which is providing complete control of starship to the player for exploring the range of depth within the universe. This video game like EVE Online: Apocrypha is providing wonderful 3D graphics features which focuses on the Player Battles vs massive scale players. The players have the complete right to decide which of the ship they want to use for achieving their goals in the game.

5. Evochron Mercenary

Evochron Mercenary

The universe of Evochron Mercenary is same as the universe of Star Wraith which is well-known space simulators got begin in 2000. it is another type of game like EVE Online: Apocrypha in which you will see that whether you are having everything needs to alive need to space or not, here you will be at the sidewise position of the pilot seat when you are traveling.

6. X3: Terran Conflict

The list of a game like EVE Online: Apocrypha is very vast, therefore next we are going to add is X3: Terran Conflict which is a part of different X number of adventurous video games. Within the gameplay, adventure is set to happen in future and will occur after the reconnection of the earth by the help of different jump gates of X universe. This connection of earth during the occasion of happiness also bring a different kind of new tensions and conflicts, around this the storyline of X3: Terran conflict revolves.

7. X Rebirth

X Rebirth is a type of adventure and action based video game with a strong gameplay, it also includes different Strategies, Sandbox, Sci-fi, Open World within the space and the simulation of the single-player mode. This game like EVE Online: Apocrypha was created and developed by the Egosoft which is the sixth edition of X universe series of video game the universe of this game is active whether you are present or not.

8. Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a game like EVE Online: Apocrypha which is an Action, Adventure, Space Trading, Co-op, Science fiction, Combat, First Person Shooter video game available in both single and multiplayer mode. The Star Citizen was developed and published by the Cloud Imperium Game. This game is comprised of main three components known as First Person Space Combat, Exploration, Mining and Trading with all elements of FPS. This game is played within the 30th century aiming at the fictional United Earth Empire.

9. Homeworld


Another game based on action, adventure, real-time strategies, tactics with time, science fiction is known as Homeworld which is available in both single and multiplayer mode. It is another one in the list of games like EVE Online: Apocrypha due to its relevant features with it. The game Homeworld was created by the Relic entertainment and was published by the Sierra entertainment. The whole game is placed in an outer space which has a very low gravity where you can travel in any position and direction with help of your spaceship. In the huge hot desert, there was a planet known as Kharak on this planet a protagonist Arid lives for several years, you are going to play the role of arid.

10. STAR WARS: Empire At Wars

STAR WARS Empire At Wars

The last one in this list of games like EVE Online: Apocrypha is STAR WARS: Empires At Wars which is a type of adventure, action, science fiction, real-time, single and multiplayer mode game available with star wars. This interesting video game was created by the Petroglyph Games and was published by the Lucasarts. The whole game revolves around the hard struggle of Empire and Rebels. In this games players are going to get three modes known as the Skirmish, Storyline based Campaign and Galactic Conquest.

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