20 Best Games like Animal Jam

Animal Jam is one of the most popular virtual game especially among children from all over the world which is being loved playing by them. This game is having animals and plants like the real world which is being maintained by the content of National Geographic education. This game was developed and released by Smart Bomb Interactive in 2010. The main focus of this game is one the entertainment, education, and security of children which gives the global understanding, knowledge of wildlife, the importance of cooperation and much more. Here are lots of games like animal Jam, if you are also looking for different alternatives to games like animal jam then we are going to provide the same.

Top 20 Games like Animal Jam

1. Roblox


The first alternative of games like animal jam is Roblox, it is on the first number among popularity with the opportunity of a multiplayer game which can be played online. The Roblox game was released in the year 2006 and it is developed and created by Roblox Corporation. This game can be downloaded by Windows, Android, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and other devices. The lovers of Roblox can play it in two different modes of single player and multiplayer.

In Roblox, you will get lots of different games as it is a combo pack of entertainment which are completely made for kids which also allows them to create their own games or virtual world. It is one of the best alternatives to games like animal jam which also provide 3D experience to the players. There are lots of special activities which you will be going to do in this game like combat, exploration, building, crafting, resource collection etc.

2. Wizard101


The other alternative in this list of games like jam is Wizard 101 which is also having a feature of online multiplayer gaming. This game was first released in 2008 and then in 2015 with several modifications and new features by Kingslsle Entertainment. Wizard101 is compatible with all devices like Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

In this game, a universe named as Spiral is set with different worlds which can be locked by players permanently with help of currency earned within the game called “Crown”. While you start a game there are lots of classes like life, death, fire, ice, balance, storm etc among which they have to choose one first.

There in the game, you will get spells, the whole game will be played by these spells which can be used for providing a shield, decreasing the health of enemies, traps, for increasing the power of themselves and friends, the spell can also be used for making the health of members to zero.

3. Pixie Hollow


Disney is one of the favorite channel and place of children and this is a basic reason behind this alternative of the game like animal jam which is being most liked by children due to its Disney characters. The Pixie Hollow was released by the Disney Interactive Studio in 2008 and developed by Disney, Schell games and Silver Tree Media. It is compatible with both devices Windows and Mac OS.

In this game children will love to play with fairies and sparrow man it is their choice whom they choose, within game there are several quests and tasks needed to be completed for reaching higher level and this will never let you get bored, you will also be required to create your own fairy at the starting of game.

4. Gaja Online

Gaja Online

In this list of games like animal jam, we are providing the next one which is Gaja Online. In this game the player will be set within the streets of Gaja and have to roam here and there, this game is basically an online MMO game. During this traveling within the streets of Gaja, you will have to play several small games or complete different tasks where you will also get mature players in online mode. This game is really attractive and interactive with lots of opportunities.

5. Poptropica

Android iOS



There are lots of games on this list and we are here providing around 20 best games for you, in this list another game like animal jam about which we are going to introduce is Poptropica. This game was developed by the Jeff Kinney Group and released in the year 2007 for children. The Family Education Network has published this game.

This game is compatible with several devices like Android, Nintendo, DS, iOS, Mac etc and players are able to play this game in both modes single player and multiplayer whichever they like. When you will play a game it will reward you with points after completing the quest, these Poptropica points will be used for going to the different islands and in the multiplayer mode players will not only compete with each other even they are able to communicate. These points will also be able to use for purchasing clothes and other effective things.

6. Fantage


Next alternative to the online games like animal jam is Fantage which has been developed by the Fantage and released in 2010 with several mini-games in it. The users are able to play this game in both modes online and offline, which has been developed specially for the children of age group 6 to 16. During the first registration of this game, it will provide you a home base which can be open for everyone or to some special partners.

In the premium version of this game, you will get lots of features and advantages than previous. In your game house, you can decorate it beautifully by purchasing items from a game store and explore various situations by the help of virtual currency. There are different areas of pet town, home, carnival, beach, sea breeze, user home, wizard’s domain, castle, downtown and much more.

7. Bin Weevils


Bin Weevils is a British game available for kids and was released in the year 2007. This game is owned by gaming studio 55 Pixels with an inspiration from famous series of cartoons available on Nickelodeon. This, game is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. So, in this list of games like animal jam, we have brought up this next game Bin Weevils for you.

Basically, this game is based upon the creature named as Weevils with a very interesting theme. Within the game, you will get lots of areas like Flum’s Fountain, dirt valley, and Gong’s Pipenest. During the starting of game, you will have to choose one from nest or home and can also purchase different decorative items from virtual shopping mall and add different features like cinema, multiple rooms, garden etc.

8. Pirate101


Pirate101 is just like the sister game of Wizard101 and one of the most popular among games like animal jam, it is also a multiplayer game. This game was released and owned by Kingslsle Entertainment in the year 2012 and is compatible with the windows and OS versions. The features and chapters are almost similar to the Wizard101.

9. Club Penguin


A list of games like animal jam is too big, another one we are going to add is Club Penguin. It is the combo of all basic features and a perfect match with all multiple features. In this game, you will be going to play it like a Penguin, where you will roam across the whole island in the game and complete lots of mini-tasks by earning virtual money within a game for purchasing and unlocking several features.

10. Moshi Monsters


At the 10th place, we are going to discuss next games like animal jam which is Moshi Monsters, this game was released in 2008 and you can also play this game on mobile in the form of an app and even on the online browser. You will be going to play like a monster in this game which will be going to be really interesting.

During play, you will also complete several mini-tasks and quests for earning different points. It is a goal-oriented game in which you have to get your goal and have a chance of interacting with other competitors also.

11. Feral Heart

Feral Heart

This game is like an addiction once you start it will never want to end it in middle. In the list of games like animal jam, Feral Heart is the best option with simulating in the world of Fantasy. Within the game, you are also able to create ownd characters and play according to your choice in a 3D environment.

12. Secret Builders

Secret Builders

It is a virtual world made especially for the children of 5 to 14 age group. It is a very interesting and addictive game like animal jam which is being loved by children. This game is very simple to play and easily accessible.

13. Star Stable

Star Stable

Another game like animal jam is Star Stable which is a kind of fantasy world of horses, developed and stimulated by the Star Stable Entertainment AB. Here in the starting, you can easily select any of the horse and then explore within the game for better play.

14. Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest

Another game like animal jam is Monkey Quest, which is a browser-based game and helps in developing creative behavior. The users who wanted to play this game have to go through the fantasy world known as Ook and for exploring the game. During the entry or starting of game, players have to choose a particular Monkey avatar and can even customize it later according to your desire. This game will let the players travel in all over the world and meet lots of new players.

15. Panfu


Panfu is another game like animal jam which is able to be played by children especially of age group 5 to 14 years. This game is completely free of cost and played online through a browser. It will also let you for customizing and questing within the game. This game was, first of all, get started in the year 2007 in Europe with a very big virtual world for users.


16. Neopets


Neopets is one of the games like animal jam developed and published by the Viacom. Neopets allows you to take care of virtual pets and will let you explore in this fantasy world with vast features and tasks. This game also lets you feed your virtual pets like real one and can also purchase new pets by earning points within the game.

17. Dogzer


This is also a very popular and interesting game like animal jam being liked by everyone. In this video game, it will let you breed a virtual dog where you are eligible for purchasing a puppy and breeding your puppy to make it dog with proper feeding. Within the game, you can also organize a dog show and can also leave it for the checkup in a veterinary clinic.

18. Pet Society

Pet Society is another game like animal jam is a strong fantasy and multiplayer game. This game can be played online on the web browser and even on the social networking site Facebook. Here you will get a beautiful gameplay where the user can design their own pet with help of color, gender, name, and virtual appearance and it is also necessary to take care for your pet with everything like washing, treatment, feeding etc.

19. Horzer


It is an amazing virtual board which will help in breeding virtual horses. It is also a game like animal jam where more than 50 breeds of horses are available in this game. For a better starting game, you will be required to first of all sign up on the official site and with some prominent features of a game. You can easily customize the game with lots of breeds.

20. Fishao


In this game like animal jam, you will get the feature of virtual fishing and different competitions. It is very friendly and interesting game for children one should definitely try one. In this game, you can play it online and get attached with thousands of different players all across the world. This will let you capture around 200 hundred of different fishes in different areas.

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