Aroma File Manager V2.00 Download (Latest) 2020

Download AROMA File Manager ZIP | (Pattern Unlock) Managing Files In Recovery Mode

The Aroma File Manager is popular file manager app for android smartphones which is developed by the XDA developers. If you want to manage your mobile files in a better way, Download Aroma file manager in your phone.

You will get the updated version of Aroma File Manager in this article. Just go through the download section and install this app on your phone to use it.

The best thing about Aroma is you can access files in recovery mode. You can see hidden files in your phone. The files can be edited by using Aroma File manager app.

Aroma File manager is a simple user interface file management app that allows copying files, editing, pasting, deleting and much more. The app works in the recovery mode.

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Download Aroma File Manager Zip

Download Aroma File Manager 2.0 Zip

Download Aroma File Manager 1.91 Zip

How to use Aroma File Manager

1. Download Aroma file manager zip file and copy files to Micro SD card.

2. Now restart your phone and reboot phone into recovery mode.

3. Choose file to install from the micro sd card and then select files to be installed on your device.

4. You will be asked to give the persmission  to install the file on your smartphone. If your phone doesn’t give any response then press the volume up button to press yes.

5. After some time, your phone will be turned into recovery mode.

6. Now you can access files because you have aroma file manager on phone’s custom file recovery.

Now you have access to system files of your phones. These files contain all the main files of your phone. Apart from it, all the installed app files, cache files, data files, external storage, boot files. All are present with proper extensions to identify each one clearly.

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