8 Best Voice Changing Software for Skype

Want to take a day off from work? Feel like playing a prank on your friends? If you have any of these things on your mind and are looking for a way with which you can do all this successfully then you can try the new and growing trend of voice changing the software in the market. Thus you should be aware of the best voice changing software for Skype.

These different numbers of software that is being used for Skype are not meant to add the funny side to the voice chats but are being used for many creative purposes as well.Here is the list of some of the software that you must try.

1#  Skype Voice Changer:

This is one of the simplest and easy to use voice changing software used for Skype. Moreover, it can be downloaded for free by the users who wish to use it, which makes it popular among the audiences. This software offers some basic yet interesting features of voice change to the users which add up to the use of Skype by making it more interesting and fun filled.

As you permit the software it offers you with a number of options to modify your voice with. With the effect panels of the software you can change your voice in the childish, tremolo, etc. manner and can add a fun element to your talks.

2# DoNaut Voice Changer:

If you are looking for a voice changing software that can let you do all the possible changes and modulations with your voice when talking to your contacts over the Skype platform. Apart from letting the users try the different voice effects from its sound directory, the software also offers the feature of sharing some of the music pieces with your friends and family.

The software is worth a try if you are looking for something that can add fun to the voice changing activity. The working of the software doesn’t end here. It can be used for showing some amazing creativity by playing with the voice modulation and effects.

3# MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer:

MorphVOX is the next voice changer you can use for Skype. This software offers a wide variety of voice modulation options. Some of the interesting options that it offers to its users include voices of demon, woman, robot, kid, dog, etc. This software also provides you an option to include the effects of the background noises like that of a traffic horns or the shopping mall, etc.

You can also find a voice effects section in the software that lets you play with the various options of filters that this software comes with. This voice changer for Skype is not free and can be bought at an affordable price.

4# Virtual Personality:

As the name suggests, this software that is made for changing the voice of the people when using Skype and other voice calling platforms. It can be said that the software provides a virtual identity to the person who is using it and as a result provides a completely different voice modulation to the person.

The software offers in a total of 24 different voices in its virtual personality directory to choose from. However, the user-interface can be a bit complicated for the beginners but once you get familiar with the software there is no looking back and you can try all the amazing features that this software offers to you.

5# AV Voice Changer:

If you are looking for the voice changer software that you can use with all the leading voice chat applications other than Skype, then this is the software that you must try. This voice changing software is one of the best which are available in the market.

With this software, you get a voice library in which you can find around 50 audio effects, 54 non-human voices and somewhere like 70 background voice effects. This software also makes the preferred choice to be used for movie and radio dubbing. For all the people who want to try this software before actually buying it can try the trial version of the software available for 14-days.

6# Voice Candy Voice Changer:

Voice Candy is one of the simple yet best voice changing software for Skype that the users can try. This software comes with the basic architecture which makes it pretty simple and easy to use. The people who are not so much familiar with the technology can also try to use this software because of the interactive interface and user-friendly features it has.

One of the most distinguished features that make this software stand ahead of the others in the market is that it enables the users to create and use the voice notes and voice reminders. The users can create the voice notes and reminders in their own voice and they will get activated even when the device is in the sleep mode.

7# Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus Voice Changer:

Blaze voice changer is such a software that can offer you with a lot of options to modify your voice than the average options available in all the other software. The software has a 5 band equalizer that makes sure that the software is working well and is delivering the best quality of the voice to the users. The only problem that it offers to its users is its complicated user-interface which takes some time to understand but once done the user can use the software to try a lot of its features for changing their voice.

The software lets you change your voice to any gender. It also offers many other sound effects like that of a robot, echo, supporting pitch, etc. The users can experiment with the sound effects to find the one desirable effect for them. Moreover, the users can also save the voice modulations that they have made for using them in the future.

8# Voxal Voice Changer:

Do you think that the voice changing effects cannot be applied to the existing voice files and can only be applied in real time? Well if you still believe on this, Voxal voice changer can certainly change your perception. With the help of this voice changing software, you can apply the various voice effects on the existing files as well along with using the same in the real time.

You can make use of the number of voices available in its vast voice library and moreover can listen to the effect before actually using it on others. Talking about the interface of the software, it has a very user-friendly and simple interface with most of the features available in the basic architecture. It can be downloaded instantly because of its small size. The software is best compatible with all the leading voice chat software applications including Skype and thus is being preferred a lot by the users.


These are some of the best voice changing software for Skype that you can try and play some funny pranks on your friends or can show your creative side with the voice modulations. Let us know your comments on all these software.

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