AirPods 2: USA, UK, and Australia Release Date

Apple has already announced its latest smartphones in September launch event,but we are yet to hear from them about AirPods 2. It looks like we are waiting for the latest edition of AirPods since forever. As of now, Apple didn’t make any official announcement about the official launch of AirPods 2,butas it’s an Apple’s product,rumorshave to be there about the launch date of AirPods.

AirPodswere launched in 2016. At that time it was very innovative and different.In 2016, AirPods were sold out like anything from almost every Apple store. AirPods have all the qualities that can make people run after it. It has amazingly good sound and callingqualitywhich makes it the best and one of its kind.

AirPods 2 USA UK and Australia Release Date

If you’re curious to know about the release date and new features of AirPods2,then read on.

Release Date of AirPods 2

We all were expecting that Apple will launch the AirPods 2 along with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR but Apple had some different plan and we didn’t get to hear anything about the new version of wireless headphones. Again, we got some hope when Apple announced a special press event on 30October,and this time also, we got no news. But as it is said that no news is also good news,we can expect the launch of AirPods in 2018 only.

Release Date of AirPods 2

If you are expecting that AirPods will launch in Black Friday Sale,then there is no such news till now, which eliminates this time of the year also. You will still have to hold on your plans to get a pair of latest AirPods. There are no chances of the launch of AirPods 2 before or on Black Friday Sale.

If rumors are to be believed, then AirPods 2 will be launched by the end of 2018. Although few analysts believe that early 2019 will be the right timeframe to launchAirPods 2. Somehow there are more chances that Apple will bring this product in 2019 only, as the company has already launched all its 2018’s flagship gadgets.

At the launch time itself, AirPods was the talk of the town. Now, we all are curious to know about what’s next. If you too want to know about the new features of AirPods2, then we have something for you.

New Features of AirPods 2

We don’t know much about AirPods 2 as of now,butwe’re expecting that will include the following appealing features in AirPods2.

More Love to Siri- To activate Siri on AirPods, you need to tap them,but in the newmodel, you could do it without tapping and by Hey Siri!Voice activation.

Noise Cancellation- Currently,AirPods suffers from sound leakage issue. In Next flagship model of AirPod, it is expected that Apple will introduce the noise cancellation.

Wireless Charging Case- Apple itself has revealed that AirPods 2 will come with Air Power, the wireless charging case.

Water Resistance- Apple may also add one more feature of water resistance in AirPods 2. So, you could imagine yourself swimming with AirPods 2.

So, folks hold on and wait patiently to get AirPods 2. We will update this space as we get any news related to the release date of AirPods 2.

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