20 Games like Cookie Clicker 2

Cookie clicker 2 is one of the most awaited series of popular video game cookie clicker released by PixelStudio inc. It is one the good games with a better gameplay including visual details, mechanics and much more which will surely make you addicted towards the Game similarly to the cookie clicker. It’s also offering same Gameplay with advanced features and expended business with lots of addicting material. Within the game, the player has to build their own empire with help of several resources, upgrades available for creating a new empire.

In the cookie shop, you can also buy different structures bakeries, shops, houses and much more to expand your world. It is a challenging and very addictive game like by users. After a long waiting, the sequel of cookie clicker is here which allows you to compete with your friends, strangers by giving you awesome rewards and exciting prices. Within cookie clicker 2 you can also expand your own empire by spending earnings earned within the game.

In the online game market there are the various games like cookie clicker 2 about which we are going to discuss here :

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1. Clicker Heroes


In this list of the game like cookie clicker 2, the first one about which we are going to share is cookie clicker. It is a wonderful game available in this series based on strategy and different mini video games within it. You just have to be a clicker to tap video games. In this game, you just only have to give a click on different monsters and creatures coming on your path to victory. To expend your earnings kill these monsters and take away all of the wealth and gold from them to buy a new superhero for your team.

2. The Monolith


Another game like cookie clicker 2 is the monolith, which is a type of video game available for the purpose of entertainment. It provides the user a similar gameplay like cookie clicker 2 with different mechanics and visual available in the game. The player has to just simply click on the structure like at presents on the left side of device screen and everything is done.

3. Clicker wars


If you love adventure and want something different, fed up of playing with other players then this will be one of the best game like cookie clicker 2 in this series of video games, which is published by Wildec LLC. It is a fabulous, role-playing, adventurous and single player game. The control of single fingers within the game let you in the amazing experience of RPG. In the gameplay, you will act like a hero who is existing in this game world which full of different monsters.

4. Karma clicker: Devil Adventure


It is a devil adventure game with different marvelous adventures, amazing role plays and a single player video game which has been published by Bigzur. It let you get immerse yourself in a single clicker experience by fingers control. It is another game like cookie clicker 2 comes in this series in which there are lots of adventures and you will be required to fight monsters and get points in return.

5. Time clickers


Time clickers is one of the most famous and wonderful games like cookie clicker 2 offering a free action, role-playing and clicker game with an FPS and a mode of single player. It is a type of fantasy game where you have your own world and allows you to explore the same by using gold, power-ups and other boosters which let you purchase different equipment, weapons and much more to help against enemies.

6. Adventure Capitalist


All business lovers who wanted to make their career in the business field or wanted to become a business tycoon this game like Cookie clicker 2 will be a dreamlike game. It allows you to act like a businessman by starting up your own business from a stall if lemonade and making it on the progress level for reaching high position and get success, earn money then start it investing on other businesses.

7. Platypus Evolution


It is a very cool clicking game and a tapping video game helps you in playing awesome game field with Platypus which gives you different coins for further upgrading. Platypus evolution is also from the list of the game like cookie clicker 2 and tap on the Platypus instantly for generating coins and get more upgrades. This game is available on both platforms, Android and iOS.

8. Plantera


As the list of games like cookie clicker 2 is very vast, we are here sharing another one named as Plantera. It is a Pixel graphic clicking game with the background of 2D farming, that game has been published by the VaragtP. This game is having a very enthusiastic and wonderful gameplay with a feature of side scroll and role-playing. Within the game, you can also create your own garden like as a dream where you can also grow plants of your own choice, bushes, trees etc.

9. Sushi Clickers


In the genre of games like cookie clicker 2 Sushi clicker is another addition which let players experience an engaging and fast playing gameplay. It has been published by the Tomato Factory and developed by Simulation. This is available on both platforms of Android and iOS, just click on the center of your device and then have to fun of playing it.

10. Billionaire


A billionaire is one of the adventurous, wonderful and a role-playing game like cookie clicker 2 which has been developed and published by the Alegrium. This game is available in both modes of single player and multiplayer you can play it with your own choice. In this game you will get a chance to lead your life as a billionaire within this virtual world just by using a single finger control, to become and enjoy life of richest person on this Earth this will be a good option for you where it allows us to create own task, business, make your own fortune and much more.

11. Cow Evolution


This is another game like Cookie clicker 2 with awesome and adventure gameplay with a clicker and single player mode. This game has been created and published by the Tapps, it is a single button control on all over the game with a great experience. There you will get a story for the purpose of investigation about your old castle and search what has happened to it during the time when mutations occur. There are lots of cows which can be involved by you for getting exciting, curious, fantastic and awesome experience.

12. Make it Rain : Love of Money


As like other games, it is also a kind of video game full of adventures and a single player mode. This game like cookie clicker 2 has been published and developed by the Space Inch, LLC with a crazy game genre and easy, simple pickup. Some players also find it quite hard and addictive game available especially on the mobile platform for the users of Android and iOS.

13. Pocket mine


It is an arcade, single player game developed by the Roofdog Games and published by same. This another game like cookie clicker 2 which will give you a better gameplay with unique and wonderful experience of digging. The gameplay will let you get the role of Protagonist who is busy and indulge in finding a treasure for themselves. There are lots of levels within a game and each level is composed of antiques, rare artifacts, explosive chains, treasure chest etc for finding them after a long process of digging.

14. Kitty cat clicker


The next game in this list of games like cookie clicker 2 is kitty cat clicker which is a smooth, pretty and action game require lots of strategies for crossing levels and reaching top. This game is developed and published by the Tapps with an unique gameplay and an engaging experience of feeding cats. Here, the player has to get the role of Protagonist who has to feed snacks and create a strong army of cats by taking care of queen cat for future help.

15. Beat Bop: Pop Star Clicker

Beat Bop Pop Star Clicker

This one is another game like cookie clicker 2 which is a very entertaining, loving, full of action and adventure video game with music and single player mode of playing. This game was created and published by the Fliptus Games for providing players a new and unique type of gameplay to get rid of boring concepts. In this game, you do not require to do such old stuff in need of earning money like killing monsters, chasing treasures, feeding animals etc here you just have to rock the game world. This game allows you to be the protagonist which can have live concerts, rock shows and earn lots of money.

16. Transport Defender


As we are about to end the list of the game like cookie clicker 2, next one to introduce is Transport Defender which is just a strategy video game with single player. Its concept is liable on shooting, this was created and published by the Coconut Shavers. If you wanted to visit the space world then this game will take you to such place where you have to perform some tasks like defending your shop from getting abducted by enemies or waves.

17. Ragnarok Clicker


This game has been developed by Gravity interactive inclusive which is a role-playing, single clicker video game can be played alone. It is a type of game like cookie clicker 2 in which you will get a highly populated classic world with monsters and antique creatures om whom you have to gain victory in the context of winning the game. This game is available on different platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, windows.

18. Politicats


One of the cutest game like cookie clicker 2 is Politicats which is published by the Squared games with a single player, role-playing video game ideal for Android and iOS users. In this game, you will be lead in a highly populated environment of cats which requires your help so your main objective is to find the best political power to help them. To start a good game you can also create your own cute and cuddly candidate for elections.

19. Zombidle


The last game in this list of games like cookie clicker 2 we are going to introduce you Zombidle it is an idle clicker game available in both single-player and multiplayer mode. This game was created and published by the Berzerk Studio with a great concept and layout. This game will make you a protagonist called Bob who has to enter in this imaginary world and cross various levels with all their difficulties to get on top position.

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