How do you launch your new startup? How do you get more leads? How do you make more money? How do you market your new business, when no one knows who you are? Every week Manny Acevedo & Thubten Comerford bring you The Startup Weekly Show , revealing actionable marketing strategies and killer tactics that help you get more customers , make more money and help you deliver greater value.

Each week we'll cover a new topic like, search engine optimization, outsourcing, crowd-sourcing, building your online authority, developing your brand, reputation management, social media , Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, how to generating traffic, how to run your business and how to get things done. Each podcast is designed to help you take an actionable step in building your business with resource lists and action guides , so you know exactly what to do, when you're done listening.


Part 1: Are you worried that starting a business will drive you crazy? If you follow these few simple guidelines, it won’t. You will keep your sanity and your focus and your business. All  of that one one episode? Yeah, we like to say we’re packed.

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In this episode we  start talking about the product creation process. So many smart people get this wrong all the time. We talk about the different product types and choose one to focus on. We’ll cover other product types in future episodes. So, before you even think about building something…

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In this episode we back up a few steps and talk about finding a niche. For some people, like us, finding a market to serve can be a challenge. We talk about what’s a niche vs a market and most importantly how to discover a need.


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In this episode we discuss the best ways for you to validate your companies’ products and customers all the while bootstrapping the business with early sales. There are many challenges early on in building your own company, this doesn’t have to be one of them.

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In this episode we change the direction of our bootstrapped startup. That didn’t take long. We then walk through the lean canvas model, where we talk about all of the parts of a business model that you need to define in order to communicate your ideas to and stay focused. It’s easier than it sounds, trust us.

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It’s here! Finally the second episode of The Startup Show

In this episode learn how to bootstrap your startup using the entrepreneurial mindset. We will even take you from no idea, to a brand new idea that we came up with while recording the show and then show you what you need to do to truly bootstrap your startup.

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Learn about our hosts, Manny and Thubten, where they came from and why they’re involved in startups, and why they’re hosting The Startup Show.

Thubten grew up in Malibu, and his built his tech startup resume in Silicon Valley, Denver, and Portland. Traveling across North America to mentor startup founders in the art of starting a new venture.

Manny began his tech career as a software developer for securities firms and insurance companies on Wall Street. He’s also worked in entertainment and mobile app development. Manny has also learned a great deal through his internet marketing ventures.

Doing business in the online marketing world requires quick responses, as it is constantly changing. Making mistakes is inevitable, but recoverable. Being an entrepreneur is an exercise in personal development. Using a process helps smooth the path.

Startups, as we see it, are any new ventures started by entrepreneurs: “You’re a startist!” You’re out there taking action, doing stuff, making stuff, moving the world.

As The Startup Show unfolds, Manny and Thubten will develop their own startup business, and share their progress with podcast listeners. Coming topics include: Bootstrapping Your Business, Bootstrapping Your Marketing, How to Stay Sane.

Test what we share with you. Give us your feedback on our Facebook Page, our blog, or on the Hangout video. (this will be where will forward to)

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Your Hosts:

Manny Acevedo:

Online Marketing Strategists & Entrepreneur

Manny Acevedo was born in and raised in Newark, NJ. He grew up as the youngest child to a single mom who worked hard to make ends meet. As a kid he always had an interest in computers , but it wasn't until much later on in life that he had an opportunity to capitalize on that interest. After high school and serving in the military, a chance encounter with his future mentor, set him on the path to becoming an online marketing strategist.

In 1997 he began helping friends with their new startups & online businesses. Soon he was working for companies that ran "mature" websites. These experiences taught him the foundations of lead generation, online sales in highly competitive markets. By 2003 he was making a living from his online efforts and dove deeply into the world of "blackhat" marketing. Then in 2005 his son was born and by the time he was 5, Manny knew that could not continue down that path in good conscious and raise his child to be an ethical person

Since that time, he's made the shift to helping business, organizations & individuals generate leads, passive income & deliver greater customer value.

Some of Manny's clients include:

  • JPMorgan Chase & Co
  • MetLife
  • Thomson Reuters
  • The Home Depot
  • Pepsico
  • Intel
  • Nike

Manny is also the founder of, an online marketing agency that services agencies and select clients. also provides pro-bono consulting & training to select organizations.

Manny speaks and attends online marketing and startup events, and loves sharing his passion for all things marketing. When Manny isn't doing that, he's spending time with his family in Portland OR and playing way too many video games

You can reach him at:

Thubten Comerford:

Social Media Strategist & Entrepreneur

Thubten Comerford grew up in Malibu, California in the 1970s. His schoolmates included Rob & Chad Lowe, Sean & Chris Penn, Charlie (Estevez) Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Dean Cain, Holly Robinson Peet, Robert Downey, Jr., Griffin O'Neal, among others. It was through a Future Business Leaders of American program he participated in with his best friend, Charlie Estevez, that he discovered his passion for computers and what they could do. After serving in the military and finishing college, Thubten began his technology marketing career at Apple. Thubten continued in technology with Samsung Semiconductor, NETCOM, and AOL.

While exploring the world through internet communication, Thubten began to discover his own mind through his studies in Tibetan Buddhism. Thubten took vows as a Buddhist monk in Santa Cruz, California in 1996. He traveled extensively through Asia on pilgrimage, and studied Tibetan language. Upon returning to the United States he was instructed by his teacher to take into the business world what he'd been learning. This blending of self-awareness and business has been his trademark ever since.

After building two network engineering firms, one in Silicon Valley, the other in Denver, Colorado, Thubten joined LinkedIn (he's user #331607), and began of mastering social networking. Acknowledged by Business Insider as one of the best connected people on LinkedIn, he has been ranked as high as #11, with more than 30,000 connections. He was also an early adopter of Twitter, and quickly discovered its many uses for developing a brand online. He currently has more than 1/4 million Twitter followers on his personal and business accounts.

Thubten has been very active in the startup world, facilitating and organizing Startup Weekends, publishing Startup Weekly, and helping entrepreneurs develop their ideas into real businesses through his Startup Founders Meetup, and assisting them with attracting investment, when appropriate, through various angel investment organizations, like the Angel Capital Summit and Pitchlandia.

Thubten speaks internationally on startups, social media, and conscious business. He can be reached at