Ways In Which You Can Make A Donation

September 3, 2016 0


There are so many options available today for sending your money towards charitable causes. You could even send your money online or send a check. Your donation could also earn you price points that can be done according to your preferences and size of the pocketbook. We have a comprehensive guide available on this site that will give you all the information you need to know about the ways using which you make a contribution.

Using Your Checkbook
Donating money via checkbook is one of the most common methods of contributing money across the globe. It is a simple process that is straightforward and direct. The only trouble could be looking for the checkbook since we no longer use them that often. If there are options between donating online and sending a check, many would choose the option of sending a check. Especially if the amount is larger, checkbook is the best way to go. So, keep your checkbook ready for making your contribution.

Donating Via An Advised Fund
This has become one of the most popular options in recent times. Donor-advised funds give charitable accounts of providing sponsor to an organization. They are simple, easily accessible and less expensive than any other form of giving donations. You need to simply invest your money in them and the sponsoring institution will decide how they want to manage your funds and what causes they would like to support.

Setting Up A Family Foundation
Some donors who have high-net-worth, set up their own foundations in the name of their families for supporting charitable causes. There are many of these private foundations that have become well known such as Rockefeller foundation. They have their own staff and more than eighty thousand private charities exist with less than $1 million as their assets. Therefore, it is best to set up your own charity and use the money in a way you want. This also goes strongly with the values that your family has and their interests. This will be the best way to involve your family into the habit of giving.

Joining a giving Circle
Belonging to an investment club or a book club will make you understand about what a giving circle is. Giving circles are new to the charity scenario and they are gaining more popularity. It is easy and fun to make donations via giving circles that can be both easy and practical. It could be a group of community people that come together for collecting money and contributing to a greater cause. They are highly organized and require regular support in terms of smaller amounts for contributing.

Donate Online
Donating online is called as crowd funding. Donors who are looking for funds post online and anyone who is interested in contributing can send in money. This is still not a popular method but is slowly gaining more people. Most of the young people prefer online options for sending in their contributions. Some of the charities such as water that focuses on providing clean water, Kiva that helps by giving microloans to small entrepreneurs collect money online for supporting their cause.