Important Tips To Attract Guys

Nemanja-Glumac-dating-life-600x300In today’s world, it is necessary to have a boy or girl friend. Many girls don’t know how to attract a guy. Guy attraction is very easy if you follow the below methods.
You can understand whether you have attracted a guy or not from the look of his eyes. When he looks at you, his eyes normally look at your face. He decides whether the girl is cute or not for him. Hair is the most attractive feature of a girl next to her face. It is proved in many psychological tests too. If your hair is shiny and bouncy, it attracts the guy. You can communicate a non-verbal message of confidence by posing your head high and standing straight.
You confidence body communicates that you are comfortable and sexy. The subconscious mind of a boy understands these signals well. A boy with low confidence gets intimidated by a highly confident girl but however might be afraid to approach her. If a guy wants to find about your personality he approaches your friends to know about you. In the initial stage the guys interact with you like your friends do.
To show the affection towards others, people usually kiss their dear ones. Guy usually notices your lips first and you can be sure about it. Other factors like how you carry forward yourself, your purse and other things tell about what kind of personality you are. The type of dress you wear, mobile, other accessories you wear, vehicle you use would reveal about your personality. A guy likes a girl who showers a wonderful broad smile.
Your walk is also an important factor which attracts a guy more. A guy can perceive about you from your walk. You must walk with grace and style and overall walk like a lady. Most of the guys like a girl who is pretty and sexy. Boys with low body image would lower in confidence that the one with high body image. You don’t want to be in perfect shape and sexy. To become sexy, you must feel sexy, you shouldn’t think that only porn stars are sexy.
The last main thing is your attitude. Your attitude matters a lot in maintaining a relationship with a guy. If you are always sad, depressed and complaining about others no man wants to maintain a long term relationship. There are many girls without any spectacular beauty who has attracted numerous guys by being happy and peaceful attitude.
There are many true facts and psychological tests proves that a guy likes the bold, confident, smiling and sweet girl in a long term relationship. You must also know the things most of the boys like in girls and follow it. It helps you to get the attention of the guys and begin a relationship with guy.
You must give first preference to your appearance. The way of your dressing must be simple and sexy. Most of the boys lured to your beautiful smile. So never forget to shower pretty smile when you meet a guy. These things make a man to feel more physical with you.

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