15 Best Games like IMVU

Kingdom Island

The popularity of virtual games in increasing rapidly games like IMVU stands for same. IMVU basically refers to Instant Messaging Virtual Universe, if you love to make new friends, chat with new people and play games then this will be a good online platform for you. It is a multiplayer game which contains different 3D avatars and accessories for dress up to make it more interesting. It is an online multiplayer game which allows you to fulfill your desires like meeting someone special, exchanging gifts, playing minigames, chat with friends and much more. Here we have brought up 20 different games like IMVU to boost up your experience and pleasure.

Games like IMVU

1. Movie Star Planet

The first game like IMVU in this list is movie star planet which lets you live in the hallucinated world. If you are bored and wants to lead a star life then this will be the best choice for you. This platform accomplishes all your wishes and lets you perform different roles like dancer, star, singer etc. with different genres like RPG, MMO, fantasy world and virtual world. Here, you can make new friends, chat with them and play online mini-games with the people’s on your friend list. This also lets you decorate your room, garden, kitchen etc and invite your friends today show them your creativity.

2. Second life

Another game like IMVU about which we are going to discuss is second life. This will let you play an online multiplayer game in a virtual world. This game is like a lovers virtual world where they can engage themselves, customize their looks for impressing the partner and even change their dress up, appearances, clothes, accessories etc within the game. This virtual and is accomplished with several online players in a count of millions from all across the world.

3. Habbo

Another name for habbo is “Habbo Hotel”. It is one of the most popular among games like IMVU with a visible experience of social media platform and its knowledge. In this game, you have to build up your own avatar and then enter into Hobbo Hotel for getting fun and enjoyment. This allows to connect up with new people, make friends and maybe a long-term relationship.

4. Kaneva

The US video game company Kaneva has its own game which is also very popular in the series of games like IMVU, in which the player can explore different virtual places and experience. This game gives you a free environment to connect up with new people and engage yourself with a wide population of casino lovers in a 3D place.

5. Village life

In the world of virtual gaming, another trending game like IMVU is village life with a different genre. In this game you can lead a village life like players can do farming, build huts, grow plants and much more with lots of social interaction. In this village life, you can also discover your own new land and can also make a partner for performing different tasks and even tie a note with them. You can even make your own family and nourish them like in reality. This game lets you develop and construct a complete village.

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8. In worldz

Another game like IMVU is In worldz which allows you to explore a well created virtual world by a user. You can explore different regions of it like shops etc at First choose a relevant avatar for you and then start hanging out in your world with anyone you want. In this world, you can also show your extra talents and creativity to your partner, friends etc.

6. Chit Chat City

It is one of the fast-growing virtual online multiplayer game like IMVU which gives you several customization options. You can develop your own avatar, create buildings, personal communities and much more from the canvas which will also take care of your pet. The basic feature of chit-chat city is to explore yourself and creating your own game with everything of your choice.

7. Poptropica

This is especially teenagers and the children-centric game made for them to live in a digital world. It is one of the kinds of a game like IMVU as it allows you to get engaged in your own digital world with different online players. This game was introduced in the year 2007 in September month by Person PLC. The children of age group 6 to 15 enjoy it a lot and can get the adventure of different islands.

8. Line Play

Another game like IMVU is line play which is basically targeted for Android and iOS users with a virtual world. The gameplay of it almost same as of Movie star planet where you can create your own avatar and invite your friends by showing different platforms to them. The players of the game will take part in different kind of activities happening in the virtual world with exciting jobs like dancing, customizing, chatting, singing etc.

10. Kingdom Island

This island offers you different sweet and lovely creatures for playing mini-games. This game is composed of with several genres like MMO, fantasy and virtual world. Here in this game like IMVU, the player can select their own avatar, make a hangout with their partner, friends or anyone they want. This game also lets them show their creativity level by decorating house, kitchen, garden and other places.

11. Socio Town

This is a free multiplayer online game available for virtual lovers with a wide experience and can be played on the web browser. Test socio Town is another game like IMVU which lets the players get a social experience in life. This game won’t take much of your time in the setup as it is completely prepared just start playing once you got.

12. MySims Agents

This game is developed by the EA Redwood Shores and published by the Electronic Arts, this is a type of addictive game like IMVU which allows players to solve the mystery, perform different adventures and a single player game. The players can experience this game on a single Nintendo platform. Here, you will get a special role of an agent who has to foil up the evil idea of Morcubus who is a corrupt CEO of MorcuCorp.

13. Party in My Dorm

This is the last game like IMVU about which we are going to discuss, although the list is very vast so we are here making it short with best games for better experiences. In this next game named as Party in My Dorm is an online multiplayer game with a virtual and fantasy world. This game is developed and published by the A thinking App Entertainment and is specially formed for the players who are bored from their current life and want a change. This will take you in the college life with Friends and other players from all over the world.

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